What Is PPC Marketing?

Pay-Per-Click Image

Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC Marketing) is a form of paid advertising. It gives marketers the opportunity to place their respective advertisements on an advertising platform that directly targets a specific demographic and audience. The marketer must pay every time their advertisement is clicked. Therefore, the visitor has to take some sort of ‘action’ by clicking on the advertisement. Because of this, it is generally regarded as higher quality traffic because not only is it ultra-targeted, but they have shown some interest in what you are advertising by clicking-through.

How Does Pay Per Click It Work?

As a marketer, you pay a bid for a respective keyword that you are targeting. If you win the bid, your advertisement gets placed at the top of the organic search engine rankings where they place the paid advertisers. Ideally, you want to target ‘buying keywords.’ These are keywords that someone would specifically type into the search engine when they are in the middle of making a buying decision or beginning their buying process. For instance, if you are a florist, you might bid for “florist’s in Arlington, VA.” A person who is typing in florists that are located around them is likely at the beginning stages of their buying process. Thus, they are much more likely to convert than someone who is researching flowers in general by typing in “best roses.”


As mentioned, the keywords are the driving force of PPC marketing. You want to focus on hyper-relevant buying keywords within your niche/industry. Also, you will want to make use of negative keywords that disregard keywords that might not trigger the kind of demographic or buying traffic that you are looking to attract.

Benefits Of PPC Marketing:

1. You Pay For Quality Traffic

Unlike a lot of other forms of advertising, you will only be paying for targeted traffic. Because you will only have to pay for the advertisement when someone actively clicks on your ad, you won’t have to pay for impressions like a lot of other advertising methods. This can keep your costs down because you are much more likely to convert someone who actively clicks and shows interest in your product or service than someone who simply comes across it.

2. Easier To Budget

Every PPC option will give you complete control over your budget. Having the ability to set a daily budget will give you the control you need to ensure that you sustain profitability with your advertising efforts. You will be able to set the amount you are willing to bid for respective keywords and you will be able to set your total budget for each campaign. This keeps things cost-controlled and you are able to run the numbers to maximize profitability for each campaign to avoid allowing things to get out of control.

3. It’s Predictable

Unlike Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you are in complete control over your entire campaign and the results that you are able to get. With SEO, you have numerous factors seemingly out of your control. Even the slightest search engine algorithm change can throw your SEO strategies completely off and cause your website to plummet in the search engine rankings. Thus, it is completely unpredictable. This is something as a marketer you should be looking to avoid. Relying on organic traffic for your website is a recipe for disaster. With PPC marketing, you are in complete control over your campaign and it’s performance. You dictate the advertisement’s appearance, the keywords you are bidding for, and where you tunnel the PPC traffic. Thus, you are in control of the entire process from start to finish which makes it much more predictable than any other type of marketing effort.

4. Begin Seeing Results Immediately

Paid advertising is one of the best ways to drive buying traffic to a brand new website instantly. You cannot rely on driving organic traffic to a brand new website. After all, SEO takes a lot of time to implement and to begin seeing results from. Thus, PPC traffic is something that you can use to test new products or services, gauge interest, and more.

There are so many reasons you should be looking to invest in PPC marketing. As a business, PPC marketing offers limitless potential. It puts you in the driver’s seat of your advertising efforts and it gives you the ability to place your business at the top of the search engines without having to rely on organic search engine rankings.